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Introducing the DZone Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition

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Introducing the DZone Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition

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Today, we are happy to release The DZone Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition!

We can’t answer every question for you. The mobile market is too mobile for that. But we can give you enough information about the mobile development landscape to simplify your decisions and make your mobile-first coding easier. 

Our Guide includes views from developer, user, and infrastructure perspectives; a sweet listing of platforms and frameworks to facilitate mobile development; plus a fun glance at pain points encountered by mobile developers. 

The second DZone Guide to Mobile Development addresses the questions: How are developers building mobile applications, and how can developers build better mobile applications with less pain and greater user satisfaction?

We’ve also learned a lot about the best Mobile Application Development Platforms and Mobile Web Frameworks, and we’ve assembled our tried and true solutions directory with tons of data on over 40 MADPS and web frameworks.

Here's what you can look forward to in the DZone Guide to Mobile Development – 2015 Edition:

  • An overview of how to build mobile apps with less pain and better results
  • A catalogue of the top Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) and mobile web frameworks
  • Mobile development statistics and strategies from 500+ IT professionals
  • Step-by-step process for correctly testing mobile apps on various devices, for user experience, security, and more
  • Infographic depicting the major pain points for mobile developers

The guide also features these in-depth articles from industry experts:

  • Concerns and Complains: Mobile Development from Dev and User Perspectives by John Walter
  • The 3 Types of Mobile Experiences by Jeremy Wilken
  • The Internet of Things and Its Impact on All Things Mobile by Andrew Trice
  • Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS): Doing the Heavy Lifting on Backend Integration by Cathal McGloin


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