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Introducing DZone's Latest Checklist: Class Design

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Introducing DZone's Latest Checklist: Class Design

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This week, DZone released its latest Checklist:

Class Design Checklist

By Giorgio Sironi

Object-oriented classes are like species, where methods are precisely specified phenotypical interactions with the environment of, well, who-knows-what. Write a class and you're creating a whole ecosystem. So, we wrote you this checklist on class design to help you a little.


This is the third entry in our Checklist series, so be sure to check out our previous releases as well:

Unit Testing Checklist

By Jean-Baptiste Rieu

This checklist helps you ensure that your unit tests aren't missing the most essential attributes of good unit tests.

It includes explanations and examples whenever checklist items don't explain themselves.


And the first:

TDD Checklist

By Giorgio Sironi

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is described by a basic red-green-refactor cycle, constantly repeated to add new features or fix bugs. This checklist is written in the form of questions we should ask ourselves while going through the different phases of the cycle, and that are often overlooked because the cycle is apparently so simple.


And don't forget to download the Class Design Checklist itself!

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