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Introducing the Latest DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery

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Introducing the Latest DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery

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We are happy to announce the latest release of DZone's Guide to Continuous Delivery!

Today's software and IT business goals are familiar ones: get applications to market faster, under budget, with fewer people, and with pristine quality. While Continuous Delivery is touted as the poster child for achieving these goals, it's often a confusing and complicated topic, and the growing list of solutions and vendors can make finding the right one for your organization a frustrating chore.

DZone's Guide to Continuous Delivery was produced to help you achieve these goals. It provides you with the data, ideas, and solutions you need to drastically improve your software production and delivery process. The guide includes:

  • Profiles on 38 popular Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Key product and vendor comparisons
  • Survey results of more than 900 developers
  • Continuous Delivery Maturity Checklist 2.0
  • Glossary of Continuous Delivery terms

The guide also features these in-depth articles from industry experts:

  • Choosing CD Tools That Bring Your Team Together by Matthew Skelton
  • Fostering DevOps Through a Testing Center of Excellence by JP Morgenthal
  • Are Containers Part of Your IT Strategy? by Jim Bugwadia
  • Beyond Tooling and Process: the Culture of Continuous Delivery by Andrew Phillips.
  • Continuous Delivery: From Theory to Practice by Yaron Parasol


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