Introducing Monkop CLI

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Introducing Monkop CLI

Check out this article to gain some knowledge about Monkop CLI, a command-line tool for Android test automation.

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Monkop CLI is a command-line tool that enables a new kind of automation in your build process, allowing you to run Monkop tests automatically in your development cycle (without disturbance).

Monkop will test your mobile apps in different kinds of real devices while your team remains focused on others steps of your building process. All you need is a Monkop account and to follow these simple steps to enable your app to be tested.

Installing Monkop CLI

Monkop CLI is a Python (v2.7) script that handles all communication with Monkop’s API using your account (APIKey). Once you have it, just download the latest version here: static.monkop.com/setup/cli/monkop-cli.py

Command Line Interface Options

You can get help from the command-line tool by calling monkop-cli -h

> monkop-cli -h
Usage: monkop-cli.py -k apikey [-t time] [-w] [-a appfile] [-st type]
[-sf scriptfile] [-c callbackurl] [-e extradata]
[-s transaction] [-h]


-k apikey

Your API Key (https://console.monkop.com/apikey.xhtml)

-t time

Test duration in minutes (per device)


Wait for completion


Don’t return error code on test errors (status_code will be always 0)


-a appfile

Public URL or local path to application file


-st type

Type of script file. Valid values: ESPRESSO

-sf scriptfile

Public URL or local path to script file


-c callbackurl

Public URL for notification purposes

-e extradata

Extra data to be defined by customer, this data will be returned in the notification callback


-s transaction

Get transaction status


-h, –help

Show this help message and exit

Run Your First Test

First you need your app ready, if you don’t have one, you still can test some 3rd-party app to see what happens:

> python monkop-cli.py -k YOURAPIKEY -w -a “http://static.monkop.com/setup/apps_demo/Google_IO_2016_4.4.6.apk


Enable the use of the API Key on Add-ons:

Python 2.7 installed (already installed on most Linux distros and Mac OS X)

If the build runs over Windows, you may need to install CURL, and to have the CURL binary on same path of monkop-cli.py or accessible in path environment variable: https://curl.haxx.se/download.html


Monkop CLI for non-enterprise customers and is only available for the Android Platform.

Visit monkop.com to try Monkop CLI today!

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