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Introducing a new free and fast Java Doclet

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Introducing a new free and fast Java Doclet

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We have released KtsDoclet which is a fast and improved doclet designed as a drop-in replacement of the Standard Doclet. It supports all the same options so you don't need to modify your scripts in order to try it. There is one single exception, option -footer is not supported. KtsDoclet documentation explains why it is not supported and how to modify your script if you use that option. All other options are supported, without exceptions.

Depending on the nature of your system, KtsDoclet may be somewhat or significantly faster than current version of the Standard Doclet. KtsDoclet produces generally the same documentation format (hence users don't need to learn new formats), however, the HTML is improved in many ways and is heavily based on CSS. KtsDoclet also offers some additional features, in particular:

- You can control the output format of some elements in the class documentation. Parameter names may be aligned, member title may be omitted, and other.
- In addition to deprecated list KtsDoclet generates detailed list of all elements marked with the @since tag.
- Ability to exclude classes or any class elements from the documentation.
- More features are in the documentation.

KtsDoclet is free to download and use for any purpose. Please read more about it and download it from:


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