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Introducing Sergey Surikov - JavaFX Developer and Writer

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Introducing Sergey Surikov - JavaFX Developer and Writer

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I'd like to introduce Sergey Surikov, who will be posting some great articles about JavaFX Script to DZone Javalobby.  Sergey has been contributing to the JavaFX Script development effort by contributing great code examples to the OpenJFX community.  He also maintains the Russian OpenJFX site.  Sergey specializes in GUI development, graphics design, and working with databases.  He is now leveraging these skills in his passion for JavaFX Script.

I think it's interesting that Sergey is joining the fray at the same time that I'm beginning to post articles about building Tetris in compiled JavaFX Script, because Tetris was invented in Russia :-)

Anyway, please watch for posts from Sergey on interpreted JavaFX Script.  By the way, some of you know that there are two "versions" of JavaFX Script:

  • Interpreted JavaFX Script, which is stable, has Eclipse and NetBeans plug-in support, and serves as a prototype.
  • Compiled JavaFX Script, which is pretty far along in its development, but is still in flux.  NetBeans plug-in support, although coming soon, is not quite here yet.

Sergey's articles will be a nice addition to mine, because he'll be showing lots of interpreted JavaFX Script examples and code while I'll continue showing compiled JavaFX Script examples and code.  At some point, when compiled JavaFX Script gets closer to a 1.0 release, Sergey will probably begin creating examples for it.

Welcome Sergey!

Jim Weaver
Javalobby and RIA Zone Leader


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