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Introducing Your New Eclipse Zone Leader

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Introducing Your New Eclipse Zone Leader

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I'm happy to introduce Malai as your new zone leader here at EclipseZone. Malai is no stranger to Eclipse - while studying for his Masters in Advanced Software Engineering he was head of the team that won the Eclipse Innovation Grant 2003/4.

He started up ANCit Consulting - the first Eclipse consulting firm in India, which is also an Eclipse Foundation Member company. The company has trained over 1000 software associates in various Eclipse technologies ranging from PDE, RCP, EMF, GEF, GMF and BIRT. Malai is also involved in organising Eclipse Summit 2009, as well as organising many other Eclipse developer events in India. He's even in the process of working on a book.

Malai is a great addition to the team of zone leaders here at DZone and I know he will do a great job with EclipseZone. I can't imagine having any one better qualified to lead the zone.

As for me, I'm won't be too far away. You may have noticed that I've been focussing more on my JavaLobby duties. I'll still be contributing to EclipseZone, and working with Malai on content.

Feel free to contact Malai for any content you'd like to submit to the zone, or any other questions/comments.

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