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Introducing Your Very Own Personal Data Assistant!

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Introducing Your Very Own Personal Data Assistant!

The Sisense Bot is a personal data assistant that allows you to interact with your data through messenger apps that you already use day-to-day.

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Since July 2016, Sisense has been proving that you don’t have to be glued to a traditional dashboard to receive insights from your data (that is, unless you want to). In July, Sisense gave you the first glimpse of its Sisense Everywhere initiative, the revolutionary way to interact with data using Amazon Echo integration and IoT light bulbs.

A total sensory experience, this initiative was among the first of its kind in BI, allowing users the ability to interact with their data through light and sound either by asking Amazon Echo a question and hearing the answers in real time or by quickly glancing at the color of their Sisense bulbs to understand key performance indicators. Now, Sisense is excited to present yet another seriously cool way to engage with your data.

The next phase in our Sisense everywhere initiative is the Sisense Bot, your very own personal data assistant that allows you to seamlessly interact with your data through messenger apps that you already use day-to-day like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. All users need to do is type a natural-language question within the chat box or choose from an existing list of pre-set questions. For example, if you wanted to understand your sales figures from a certain dashboard, you would just type “summarize sales dashboard” and the Sisense bot would automatically retrieve the data, understand the main insights, and send you the answer through chat. Sisense Bots are fully functional in both one-on-one chat and group chat settings to keep entire teams up-to-date and on the same page.

“This allows people to use natural language in order to ask for information from this bot and receive a combination of natural language responses, much like you would when you communicate with a friend, and widgets, images, and charts, that allow you to both consume the data visually but also drill and analyze the data.

You will be able to connect with this bot and reach out to such a bot and ask a question and get a response the minute you need the data. I don’t need to go into a deck board to drill or look for the right widget or right visualization in order to get the information I need.” – Guy Levy-Yurista, Ph.D., Sisense Head of Product, said in an interview with VentureBeat.

The Bots framework is another step in our continuing journey to simplify complex data and make business insights available to business users – at any place, anytime, and in a straightforward manner. It’s great to see some of the first Bot users already gaining real value from these features.

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