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iOS 5 v. Windows Phone 7.5 Deathmatch by Paul Thurrott

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iOS 5 v. Windows Phone 7.5 Deathmatch by Paul Thurrott

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Paul Thurrott, the editor and creator of "Supersite for Windows," just fired a warning shot at iOS users in his post today entitled: "Windows Phone 7.5 vs. iOS 5"  Here was the conclusion of his review:

Windows Phone 7.5 is quite competitive from iOS 5, and which you choose may very well depend solely on your preferences. If prefer more apps or the safety of numbers, the iPhone and iOS is where it's at. But if you want a truly superior software experience, Windows Phone is the obvious choice. Hardware, for now, is a question mark, but I'll give Apple the temporary thumbs-up until we see what Nokia has done. --Paul Thurrott

Obviously he's a blue-blooded Microsoft-er, so take it for what you will, but I encourage you to look at his whole review and see if you think he kept his bias in check.  A good, thorough comparison nonetheless.

Maybe there'll be a fiery rebuttle from some iOS blogger out there.

Source:  http://www.winsupersite.com/article/windowsphone75/windows-phone-75-ios-5-140947

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