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iOS - AGImageChecker

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iOS - AGImageChecker

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Now this looks like a downright lifesaver for all those of you who oversee a framework that powers a dozen team apps and counting with several hundred individual skinned and themed images going into each …

… oh, wait, that’s just us, is it? Well, no matter how many images you need to check, this’ll help:

angelolloqui / AGImageChecker

AGImageChecker is a lightweight iOS library that helps developers to find problems in their used images. It detects when images are smaller or different sized than their container views, producing resized or blurry images. Wrong images will have a colorfull border that helps you to detect them. Additionally, it adds a long press gesture to open an image detail and check useful information about the problem, such as the image size, the view size, the contentMode, the presence of retina version, the associated view controlller,… All of it out of the box, without changing your code (device and simulator)…

Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 5.55.41 PM.png

That’s some handy diagnostics, indeed.

Speaking of images, if you need some handy placeholders during development, nowhere better to go than {placekitten}

…because everyone’s day is happier with kittens in it!

h/t: @cocoapods!

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