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So you don’t like the Dropbox data synchronization idea we’ve been talking up lately for your iOS apps? OK, how does a native CouchDB grab you then?

Couchbase Releases Developer Preview of Its CouchDB for iOS Package

… Mobile Couchbase is a package of Apache CouchDB designed for iOS. It is pre-Beta right now, but we are taking the wraps off the source because we’ve had an application that uses it approved by Apple for sale in the App Store. We are soliciting open source contributions and feedback from users…

Who’s Couchbase, you ask?

Membase, the leader in production-ready, high-performance data stores, is used by the world’s busiest web applications including Zynga, because of its simple, fast, elastic architecture. Apache CouchDB is truly loved by developers for its RESTful interface, incorruptible storage, world-class sync and mobile development platform.

Couchbase is the name of both our new company and our new product family. Apache CouchDB document database technology is at the core of our combined solution. Membase, with its integrated memcached caching technology, adds technology enabling dynamic cluster elasticity and sustained low-latency, high-throughput data operations. Couchbase becomes the only document database capable of safely storing your data whether stored on a single server, or spread across hundreds.

Only Couchbase technologies scale from AOL-sized data center clusters all the way to smartphones. Only our solutions meet the needs of developers and conform to the mission-critical demands of ops teams. And as users increasingly access applications via smartphones and tablets, we alone are able to support the entire range of interactivity and connectivity…

Well, that’s certainly got some awesomeness potential inherent, doesn’t it now? If you’re excited enough to check out what is definitely a work in progress judging from the release notes, head on over to github!


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