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Silver Spring Networks Expands IoT Developer Program

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Silver Spring Networks Expands IoT Developer Program

Silver Spring Networks just expanded new developer tools to accelerate the integration of their tech into new IoT applications.

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I had a chance to speak with Itai Dadon, senior director of product management of IoT at Silver Spring Networks, Inc. regarding the extension of its Developer Program with the introduction of a new developer portal, developer kits, and a simulation tool for application development.

Silver Spring aims to accelerate innovation for the IoT by streamlining the development process and expanding the number of solution partners with access to their platform. Support for the Arduino developer environment, the simplification of software tools, and the new developer portal will broaden the potential devices and applications that can integrate Silver Spring’s IoT technology into their solutions for utilities, cities, and industrial companies.

The Developer Program is open to new and existing customers and developers who are building the next generation of sensors, actuators, devices and applications within the smart utility, smart city, and industrial IoT sectors. Participants of the Silver Spring Developer Program can create and test new IoT solutions that can be delivered through the Starfish platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which is based on Silver Spring’s wireless network and data platform. To register for the Developer Program, visit here.

“Our primary goal with the Developer Program is to provide partners with the open, scalable, and flexible tools and technologies needed to develop the game-changing solutions of tomorrow. As a standards-based technology company, we support and encourage collaboration to help the industry continue to make innovative IoT applications a reality,” said John Marcolini, GM and VP of product management for Silver Spring Networks. “Starfish enables partners to focus on their value-added application by providing open access to a robust IoT network and data platform. For current customers, the Developer Program will help fast-track the creation of innovative connectivity solutions that can improve the lives of millions of people.”

Working Toward the IoT Future

  • Developer Portal: enables developers to create IoT solutions using Silver Spring technology. The Developer Portal connects developers with the Silver Spring engineering community, supporting materials and step-by-step documentation for the usage of the developer kits.
  • Milli Shield Dev Kit for Arduino boards: provides development partners with Silver Spring’s RF mesh IPv6 technology in a form factor designed for battery-operated devices. 
  • IoT Edge Router, Dev Edition: connects any sensor to Silver Spring’s IPv6 Starfish platform via standard Ethernet or USB interface on Silver Spring’s IoT Edge Router. The IoT Edge Router includes the ability to develop edge applications on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution using SNAPS.
  • Starfish Studio: is an interactive simulation tool available through the Developer Portal for modeling IoT devices and solutions and enabling easy application development.

The developer program will give developers the opportunity to explore the vast array of application possibilities in any industry. Potential use cases are:

  • The ability to leverage a single network for multiple applications.

  • Leverage mesh technology with smart devices across a city (e.g., meters, lights, water, transportation) to reduce Opex and Capex while using green energy and electric charging stations.

  • IoT analytics on the edge to reduce latency for cameras used for traffic, parking, and security.

  • Bringing edge computing to video analytics while using the network for streaming.

  • Reducing crime and increasing security with dynamic lighting as someone walks, or cycles, through a park at night.

  • Recover more quickly from disasters by knowling which assets are not fuctioning via remote monitoring.

  • Improving safety by having preventive maintenance for critical infrastructure.

It will be interesting to see what developers are able to create and what the marketplace reacts to most aggressively.

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