IoT Summit: An Opportunity to Learn What Open Source Can Offer IoT

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IoT Summit: An Opportunity to Learn What Open Source Can Offer IoT

An announcement of the panels that will be available at Eclipse's IoT Summit.

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The Eclipse IoT community has grown significantly over the last 1-2 years. There are now 20+ Eclipse IoT projects building open source technology for IoT solutions. We are well on our way to providing the key building blocks developers need to build IoT solutions.

Eclipse IoT projects provide some key building blocks for IoT solutions but they are used in conjunction with other technology, ex. enterprise software like Apache Spark, LoRaWAN for networking, specialized hardware, etc. This is why I think it is important we are constantly learning about other technologies being used in IoT.
For these reasons, I am thrilled with the agenda we have organized for the IoT Summit, our annual IoT event for technologists and developers. In previous, years it has been a 1-day event but this year it has been expanded to 2 days so we can present a broader view on the key open source technologies that are being used for IoT solutions.

As I mentioned, there are lots of technologies that make up an IoT solution. Therefore, the IoT Summit features speakers from outside the Eclipse IoT community, including:

  • Johan Stokking from the Things Network, a very cool Amsterdam based start-up that is building devices to support community based LoRaWAN networks. LoRaWAN seems to be a interesting new standard that could be critical to IoT connectivity.

  • Robert O’Reilly from Analog Devices will talk about the opportunity and capability of MEMS (very small sensors) and specifically how MEMS is being used in agriculture.

  • Apache Spark is a new and popular open source project for the IT industry. The ability to process lots of events will be key for any large-scale IoT solution, so it is great to have Trent Gray-Donald, the IBM Distinguished Engineer that is focused on Spark, doing an introduction to Apache Spark at the IoT Summit.

  • Jared Kaplan and Sean Allen from Marvell Semiconductor will be talking about the open source Kinoma environment that allows the simulation of hardware components to make IoT development easier.

There will also be a number of Eclipse IoT speakers discussing using MQTT for large-scale solutions, integrating IoT gateways,  IoT security technology, and more. We will also be having sessions on three new Eclipse IoT projects: 1) Kai Hudalla from Bosch will talk about the new IoT Server Platform project that is being led by Bosch and Red Hat, 2) Vincent Perrier from IS2T will introduce Edje, a project that aims to make it possible to use a common set of Java apis to run Java code on micro-controllers, and 3) Michael Hirsch and Kai Zimmermann from Bosch will introduce Eclipse hawkBit, a platform for updating IoT software.

It really is an awesome agenda with a great set of IoT expert speakers. Unlike other IoT events, this event is about technology so don’t expect a lot of business model and revenue projection slides. It will be an opportunity for individuals who are researching IoT technology to learn what open source has to offer.

IoT Summit will be held March 8-9 in Reston, VA and is co-located with EclipseCon NA.  I hope to see you in Reston.

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