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iPad tips and tricks

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iPad tips and tricks

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Keyboard pop-up keys: If you hold some keys a bit longer, a menu pops up with additional keys. Rules for these menus:
  • If you hold and then let go, a default key in the pop-up menu will be pressed. In some cases this key is the same as the original key (“n” on the English keyboard), in other cases it is different (on the German keyboard, “u” leads to a “ü” and a comma leads to an apostrophe).
  • If you hold and then slide to a key in the pop-up menu, that key will be typed.
  • If the default key in the pop-up menu is different from the original key, you can also slide up starting in the original key and the default key will be typed. This is quicker than holding.


  • Shut down: press and hold Sleep/Wake button until red slider appears.
  •  Reset (forced restart): press and hold both Sleep/Wake and Home button.
  •  Force-quit an application: press and hold Sleep/Wake button until red slider appears. Then press and hold home button.
  • Mute the sound: Hold the volume-down (=less volume) button.


  • Scrolling nested areas in Safari: Sometimes there is a scrollable area inside a (scrollable) document. If you try to move the smaller area with your finger, all of the document moves. Solution: Use two fingers to scroll the smaller area. To try it out, you can go to this page and scroll the text areas.
  • Vertical scroll lock: If you start scrolling straight down or up, a view locks into vertical scrolling and prevents accidental horizontal scrolling.



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