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An iPhone 5 Review

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An iPhone 5 Review

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I upgraded to an iPhone 5 a few months back, so I thought I’d share a few notes about the experience.

The first thing you notice when taking if out of the box, is how light it is. My previous handset was an iPhone 4, not exactly a heavy weight. But the 5 is definitely lighter – and thinner, much thinner.

iPhone 5

Then you power on the device and the next improvement jumps out — speed. I was using an iPhone 4 running iOS 6. And if I’m honest, it was a bit clunky in the performance department. The iPhone 5 zips along very nicely. That’ll be the extra memory and better processor then.

The next thing is the screen. That extra row of icons does make a difference. I wasn’t sure how big a deal it was going to be. But certainly reading and web browsing is a even more pleasant experience.

I switched networks, away from Three UK, to O2. Now I have coverage everywhere, with good, fast 3G availability. That’s definitely not something I could say while I was on Three. That has nothing to do with the choice of phone of course. But if you are in the market for a new phone and a new network, I can report only a good experience (so far) with iPhone 5 on O2.

Now for the potentially bad news.

There were some WiFi issues, even after an upgrade to iOS 6.1. On some networks it was fine, but on others (like at home on a BT Wireless hub) there seemed to be a weird problem. The WiFi signal shows a strong connection, yet trying to browse the web, or use Twitter and the like, resulted in the phone behaving as if it was not connected to the internet at all — sometimes. Other times, it zips along just fine. Weird – and a tad frustrating.

The update to iOS 6.1.4 fixed the issue – I think.

A Google search on the issue pulled up loads of results with people complaining about the same problem. Some people say the upgrade to iOS 6.1 fixed the problem. Others were saying it didn’t. Me? I’m not sure, the problem was intermittent, and at home could simply be down to my crappy BT broadband, or the BT wireless home hub.

Anyway, overall I have to say, I’m throughly enjoying my iPhone 5. The bigger screen, and the performance improvements have made it a worthwhile upgrade. And I’m happy with O2, it was a shame about Three UK, but their network coverage was a big problem for me.


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