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Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0 Released

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New page editor streamlines page customization!

Software development tools-maker Iron Speed, Inc. released Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0, the latest version of its popular Web 2.0 application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates rich interactive data entry and reporting applications for .NET. The new page layout editor in Iron Speed Designer dramatically improves the customization process. This along with fifteen new page types helps IT departments generate robust, productivity-enhancing applications out-of-the-box.

"It’s no exaggeration to say that Iron Speed Designer has transformed our business and enabled us to expand our portfolio of services extensively. V6.0 improves layout functionality and eliminates the need for hand-coding all together." - James Whistler, Director of AcidYellow


Quick Layout editor and toolbox

Iron Speed Designer V6.0 dramatically simplifies the page layout process, letting developers create sophisticated database-driven web pages without any knowledge of HTML or ASPX. Developers can select a new panel configuration with just a few mouse clicks and easily rearrange fields, tables and other components.

"The Quick Layout editor can automatically reposition a panel and its related child panels in seconds. Now I can respond to client changes on the spot without any custom coding." - Paul Modiano, President of Logical Developers

New page types

"Record inside Table" pages present individual parent and child records in a consolidated table format. Developers can select from three different layouts — record in column, record in same row, and record in separate row.

"Table – Table" pages display related tables side-by-side. Application users can click a parent table row to display associated data in a child table.

"Table – Record" pages are a great way to implement phone directory-style pages. Application users can select a table entry and the associated record is displayed in a separate panel. Live page preview Developers can now preview live data-driven Web pages without leaving Iron Speed Designer; the application is previewed live in the tool as configuration changes are applied. This feature eliminates the need to frequently compile and launch modified applications in a separate browser in order to review and test application changes.

"I love this feature because it eliminates the guesswork. Pages display the actual data so I can see how they're going to look and perform." - Neil Ennis, Director and Senior Database Developer of Expert 1 Pty Ltd

HTML email notifications

New HTML email notifications enhance workflow processes with email alerts of pending tasks and important status changes. Sophisticated substitution variables let application users personalize the messages using data from the underlying database.

"Almost all of my customers need this feature in their application. Using Iron Speed Designer, I can save up to a week of hand-coding with the click of a button." - Herman Chan, Founder of Presence Technologies

Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0 System Requirements

Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0 runs on Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 and Vista. It generates .NET Web applications for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and MySQL. These applications may be deployed on any machine running the .NET Framework. Find complete information about Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0 at http://www.ironspeed.com.


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