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Is An In-Depth Knowledge of a Business Domain Necessary for Testing Its Software?

Whether it's businesses selling to other companies or to the general public, software must always be top-notch and provide the experience that users are expecting.

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Organizations have a variety of customers that they sell their solutions to. Whether it's businesses selling to other companies or to the general public, software must always be top-notch and provide the experience that users are expecting. With agile testing, teams can more easily gain feedback and apply it to their projects. Considering this quick communication path, is in-depth knowledge of the business domain even necessary for software testing? The answer is yes!

Unique Areas to Address

Every industry is different and has its own list of terms and areas that testers will have to know in order to write test cases. As Software Testing Help noted, testers may be involved in mobile plans and billing in telecom projects, but will also need to consider trading websites, credit card functionalityand loan applications for banking software. Trying to create a one-size-fits-all solution for these areas is simply not practical, and it will take a business domain expert to determine how best to present features to the user.

It's also important to note that a domain testing expert will be far more valuable to projects in the long run than a novice might be. Becoming associated with a project for a long time can promote a tester to a product expert and help to amp up his or her profile.

"A tester who understands the core functionality and knows the business well can provide feedback, suggest for improvements, and be an active participant in a lot of decision-making meetings," Software Testing Help stated.

Boost for Risk Mitigation

There are many sectors that have established regulations and laws that they must comply with in order to keep business and customer data secure. By having domain knowledge, testers can help ensure that their applications support these compliance efforts, effectively follow defect management strategies and are protecting user information as required. TechTarget contributor Baiju M noted that such an understanding will help make critical decisions and boost risk mitigation capabilities. Ultimately, users will see a better quality product that fits their needs, as opposed to one that is clearly a cookie-cutter app for a number of verticals. This means knowing how an application should behave and how users will seek to leverage it. With domain knowledge, testers will be able to make better user-driven choices and create a solid experience for their specific functions.

"Testers are supposed to represent the end user in terms of what to expect from the product," Baiju M wrote. "It is the duty of the tester to grab as much knowledge on the domain as possible. This is certainly a long process, but this will give him an advantage among his peers."

Software is often made with a certain industry or purpose in mind. Incorporating domain knowledge during your test management will help propel the project to the next level by showing users that it's directly tailored to their needs and will provide them with a unique experience. As development initiatives become more of a priority across all verticals, testers should ensure that they understand terminology and how users will behave in the application.

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