Is Big Data Moving Too Fast for IT?

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Is Big Data Moving Too Fast for IT?

Growth is good, but is Big Data growing too much, too fast for IT infrastructures to keep up with?

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Big data is growing at a rapid pace. It’s come to a point where businesses of all sizes all over the world are now capable of taking advantage of it. But at the same time, IT infrastructures are not growing at the same pace, and this is becoming a problem.

But it’s not just a problem with the growth of IT, it’s the slowed growth of the average business’s capacity to grow with the times in general.

In short, big data is outgrowing us all, and where will it end?

What is Big Data and Why is Growth Accelerating?

Big data is the type of data that’s gathered on a large scale. Computers are gathering data faster than it can be processed. The diversity of the data is increasing and it seems as if there’s no end to the various metrics that data is being collected in relation to.

So why is big data growing at such a rapid pace?

To put it simply, this is the big data trend these days. Businesses are hungry for big data, and so the demand is being fulfilled. And since the demand isn’t slowing down the supply will continue to be fulfilled. It’s become such an issue that IT systems are struggling to keep up.

The Small Business Problem

This article isn’t going to talk about corporations because they have infinite funds to update their systems and to process as much data as they like. The average small business is in an extremely privileged position because they have access to big data for the first time. It was previously the arena of large corporations with huge computer systems.

Now small businesses have a different problem. They lack the infrastructure to keep up with the evolution of big data. IT systems exist that are capable of processing this data, but small businesses are unable to afford it. This is causing overall stagnation in this area of the business world.

Is IT Moving Too Fast Overall?

It’s an interesting question because if money is no object to huge corporations, are IT systems really lagging behind big data?

The answer is not whether the IT systems exist to support this level of data gathering and processing (because they do) it’s whether corporations are finding it financially viable to upgrade to these systems. Big data has got to the point where it’s no longer necessarily worth it for corporations to continue to gather huge amounts of data.

This is something that even smaller businesses are discovering. There’s no need to actually collect this data because it doesn’t serve a purpose for them.

What is Going to Happen to Big Data Moving Forward?

As businesses continue to move forward, they are going to discover that big data remains a key issue. But that doesn’t mean they have to buy into the hype. As already mentioned, big data may be a buzzword but it doesn’t mean that all big data is worthwhile. The fact is that not every piece of data is going to help you to grow your business.

Big data is currently peaking, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But businesses are going to realize that constantly gathering huge amounts of data and upgrading IT systems isn’t worth their time. There’s currently a focus on quantity over quality, and that leads to a lot of wasted marketing dollars.

These wasted advertising dollars could be better spent on other areas of SEO and digital marketing. The focus on quality will inevitably come after the obsession with quantity has ended, and that will allow many small businesses to catch up.

Conclusion: What Should You Do?

The issue regarding big data growth and IT systems should be a matter that you are well aware of, but that doesn’t mean you should worry over it. Continue to use big data on a small scale, but don’t think that you have to upgrade your entire IT infrastructure to accommodate.

This period of growth will eventually come to an end and then people will be more focused on converting big data, rather than big data on its own.

How will you take advantage of big data for the benefit of your business?

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