Is Corona SDK the Best Mobile Game Development Platform?

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Is Corona SDK the Best Mobile Game Development Platform?

Mobile development is really taking off, and specifically, mobile game dev has become quite popular. Here's a look at Corona, and how Corona SDK ranks as a mobile game dev platform.

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Corona SDK has been in considerable use for a while. Most of the newer apps and games are based on this SDK. So, the question now is: Is Corona SDK the best mobile game development platform?

When apps are made natively, they turn out great, but are really expensive to produce on more than one platform. As such, this is where Corona SDK comes to your rescue.


Here are the major reasons why developers generally prefer Corona SDK for cross-platform mobile game development:

    Write Your Code Once

With Corona SDK, you just need to write your code once, and there it runs on all platforms. You might just require conditional code here and there to make it platform specific. With native apps, the same effort goes in making apps on different platforms, multiplying the development time and cost.

    FPS (Frames Per Seconds)

Corona is known to be really fast with minimum lag as compared to other SDKs in the market today. It could even adjust easily to all the screen resolutions you require. The fast FPS is definitely a plus. Generally, with SDKs like Phonegap and ImpactJS, the FPS is too slow, making mobile game development a lagging experience.


The emulator is really quick when you compare to your Android emulator. The emulator refreshes your project as you save a file and makes the development process much quicker.

    No IDE

This is a major point when it comes to Corona SDK. There is no dedicated Corona SDK IDE. It has great plugins for whichever platform you want to use. It feels great to have all things in one place.


A number of images and music files are used by Corona. With just a line or two of basic coding, you could easily display images or play music. You need a really good designer if you are working with Corona.


Corona SDK uses Lua, which is known to be quite easy to learn and use.

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Like all SDKs, even Corona SDK has its list of cons. The most common issue faced by Corona users is that it is quite expensive. Another problem is that you do not have a way to integrate native plugins. As such, it might not be feasible to use Corona for all your applications. Moreover, ti is tough to test your apps developed on Corona on devices. You do not have the option to deploy it on to the device directly. You will have to compile, build, and then install your game on the device each time you want to test.

So, these are some of the major pros and cons of Corona SDK. In short, Corona is found to be relatively easier and more popular than all other SDKs due to its features. Developers find it really easy to learn and use it, making it one of the most loved SDKs for game development.

While the debate on whether it is the best would not end anytime soon, everyone agrees it's one of the best options available.

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