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Is it worth learning Java and Spring MVC as of 2016?

David Kiss provides bullet lists of reasons why it is still worth it to learn Java and Spring MVC in 2016.

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Why learn Java?

  1. Java has been leading the TIOBE index (a measure of popularity of programming languages) for the last 3 years by a large margin
  2. It’s a mature language (20+ years old) with a vast and lively ecosystem with  quality open-source tools for basically anything (Apache Commonsmanipulating ExcelmessagingObject-Relational Mappingreal-time streamingdistributed in-memory cachedistributed schedulingreportingfull-text search engine, etc.). You name it, we have it
  3. There’s a reason why it’s been used heavily by most tech giants (Google, eBay, Netflix, Apple, etc.) and most financial institutes
  4. Currently, there’s a shortage of Java developers. Companies just can’t find enough skilled Java developers

Why Learn the Spring MVC/Spring Framework?

  1. It’s the de facto standard for building enterprise applications in Java
  2. It’s used by companies like Netflix, Groupon, Cisco, BMW, etc.
  3. It’s way more productive than using Java Enterprise Edition
  4. It’s one of the most mature Java web frameworks
  5. It’s not just an MVC, but a whole platform. When you use Spring MVC, you get a dozen other Spring frameworks for “free”, including:

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