Is Java As Relevant As Ever? Moreso?

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Is Java As Relevant As Ever? Moreso?

It seems that Java is solving all real-world problems and with the latest innovations. It’s used by all industries, though there's growing competition.

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To gather insights on the state of the Java ecosystem today, we spoke to nine executives who are familiar with the ecosystem. 

We asked experienced Java professionals, "What are real-world problems being solved by Java today?" Here's what they told us:

  • Backend infrastructure is all Java. It does all the heavy lifting with business solutions, Big Data, and analytics. The banks run on Java.
  • Embedded Java is underrepresented in most conversations. We are solving virtually all problems in billions of devices in industries like telecom, banking, and healthcare.
  • All major systems filing patents, every step going through reviews, collecting fees, granting of trademarks are with Angular JS. ACA is all Java. Hub verification testing is powered by Java. 
  • The most interesting thing we’re seeing is the alternate .NET platforms like Xamarin, .NET Core, and .NET Standard.
  • Evolution is moving away from heavy J2E to lightweight. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ – the most popular IDE.
  • The ability to write code for mobile applications that provide a great user experience.
  • Enterprise-level microservices from the Java monolith to Java microservices.
  • There's a lot of Java in the world. Solutions are packaged into the Java app – an agent focused on security. Automated prevention of attacks. We see interesting attacks and can see people going into the database. We can provide the key risk map and provide a targeted way to fix SQL injection in production into the application.

What real-world problems do you see being solved by Java? Is this increasing or decreasing?

And in case you're wondering, here's who we talked to:

  • Kehinde Ogunde, Developer, Andela
  • Eric Shapiro, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, ArcTouch
  • Prem Chandrasekaran, V.P. of Software Engineering, Barclaycard
  • Rajiv Kadayam, Senior Director of Technology Strategy, eGlobalTech
  • Anders Wallgren, CTO, Electric Cloud
  • Ray Augé, Senior Software Architect, Liferay
  • Wayne Citrin, CTO, JNBridge
  • Kunal Anand, CTO, Prevoty
  • Tim Jarrett, Director of Product Management, Veracode
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