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ISO Holds Back Results of OOXML Ballot Till Wednesday

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ISO Holds Back Results of OOXML Ballot Till Wednesday

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The International Organization for Standards (ISO) won’t formally announce whether Microsoft’s precious Open Office XML, the default file format in Office 2007, will be made an ISO standard just like its Open Document Format (ODF) rival until Wednesday.

ISO is waiting to inform the national standards bodies that voted for the second time on the issue over the weekend first. It intends to issue a press release on Wednesday

Industry scuttlebutt says that Microsoft, amid myriad accusations of chicanery, undo pressure and voting irregularities, managed to win enough votes to put it over the top.

Because of those accusations Microsoft will have to survive any challenges if it does win.

Reportedly South Korea, Norway, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and South Korea changed their No votes to Yes as did Finland, which abstained in September when Microsoft failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority.

Cuba and Venezuela reportedly changed their Yes notes to No, and Kenya, which previously voted Yes, abstained. New Zealand issued a statement Sunday opposing Microsoft.

Germany voted Yes again, India said No again and Australia and Holland continued to abstain.

ISO certification is important to Microsoft to ensure that it isn’t thrown out of government accounts suddenly sensitized by the Sun-developed ODF and its friends about how open their formats are.

ODF is the default format in OpenOffice and its spin-offs like IBM’s Lotus Symphony and Sun’s StarOffice.

OOXML was standardized by ECMA, which put it on the fast track to ISO standardization in December of 2006.

ODF was made an ISO standard in May of 2006 and OOXML opponents argue that making OOXML standard too would be one standard too many.


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