Isolated Systems Within Azure

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Isolated Systems Within Azure

Join Ryan Berry, Matthew Puckett, and Brian Harrison as they talk about isolated systems and show us how a hub-and-spoke design works.

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Microsoft Azure provides a range of features and services that you can use to build cloud solutions to meet your regulated/controlled data needs.

Join Ryan Berry and Matthew Puckett as they welcome Cloud Solution Architect Brian Harrison to the show as they discuss the benefits of implementing an Isolated System in the cloud as well as showing us how to build a “Hub & Spoke” design in the Azure platform.

Short on time? Just click on any of the links below and jump to that section of the video:

0:03:21 –What is an Isolated System in Cloud Computing?

0:06:45 – How important is Governance with respect to the cloud? What does this entail?

0:16:33 – What’s the most common networking design for isolated systems? How does a solution like this look?

0:23:02 - What are some of the Hub & Spoke Design Benefits?

0:25:58 – What’s the only way to guarantee an Isolated system? What are some Networking Services / Features?

0:32:42 - DEMO: How to Build out a Hub & Spoke Design in Azure

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