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ISP Shield for Arduino Uno to Program 3 Different Atmega

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ISP Shield for Arduino Uno to Program 3 Different Atmega

Sony Arouje shows his final outcome for a board that he personally designed, which includes a homemade ISP shield for Arduino Uno.

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Couple of weeks ago, I designed and etched a home made pcb to program my Atmega 40 pin family micro processors. After that, I redesigned the PCB layout, so that I could program all the necessary processors like Atmega 40 pin, Atmega 28 pin and Attiny 8 pin family processors in a single board. I named this board as Kevino after my son Kevin. I also wanted this board in Red because my son is crazy about Red but fab house said it’s difficult for low volumes, so I went with standard Green solder mask.

I received the board yesterday and assembled all the components. Below is the final outcome.

Snapseed (6)

Features of the board:

1. Program any one chip by selecting the respective chip via the red dip switch.

2. The chips can be Bootloaded and programmed via Arduino Uno or by using a USBASP programmer.

3. It should be able to program and monitor serial communication using USB to TTL Adapter. I can plug the TTL adapter to the female pins in the board.

4. I can also test Blink program, an on-board LED to test Blink and make sure the chip bootloaded successfully.

Let see how it looks when connected to Uno:

Snapseed (7)

With this shield I can Bootload and program all the Atmega Processors I used for experimenting.

Happy hacking.

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