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It’s all about the data dividend

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It’s all about the data dividend

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The future of every business is wholly dependent on being positioned to receive a significant data dividend. Sitting in the audience at TIBCO Now, listening to speaker after speaker talk about rapidly accelerating technology change, it becomes clear that knowing everything will change doesn’t prepare anyone for the change itself. “Accelerating pace of change” has the same problem as the term “big data”.Explaining the problem doesn’t mean much. There has to be a unifying theme that gives absolutely everyone a way to observe, orient themselves, decide and act (AKA “OODA“, a term from the fighter pilot community) on the change that is happening so quickly.

A Unifying Theme

Listening to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella speak, his message was simple: If you can create energy and get everyone to march in the same direction, you have the means to create significant change. Talking about challenges doesn’t bring energy; in fact it often takes it away. Talking about great business outcomes, on the other hand, provides that energy and focuses the individual, the industry and the technology that supports it on the goal. In today’s marketplace, I would argue that the unifying theme that allows everyone to participate fully in the change that’s taking place is earning the data dividend.

Earning The Data Dividend

When I think of that phrase, I can make sense of what I read, conversations with friends, new business models like Uber and AirBnB and the latest changes in technology. Earning the data dividend provides a simple goal for not just what’s happening but also the context for making decisions and taking wise actions to gain the right positioning. If you’re in the marketplace and focused on being the disruptor rather than the disrupted, you now have a great set of questions to ask yourself before making choices that have positive or negative ramifications:

  • (Observe) What data is available today or possible at some point in the visible future?
  • (Orient) How does that data affect my current business model?
  • (Decide) What do I need to do now to take advantage of that data?

The rest is follow through, but there is one more question that has to be asked: “How can I make the entire data cycle easier, more accurate and faster?”

Once you can visualize the source and size of the data dividend, the business and technology decisions get much easier and faster. You have a North Star to guide your business.

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