It’s Time to Pair Your Business With a VOIP PBX

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It’s Time to Pair Your Business With a VOIP PBX

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While you may or may not have an IT department helping you make decisions as to what technologies to acquire and use for your business, you assuredly know that using up to date technology is important. Additionally, knowing how to use the technology to its fullest potential, and choosing equipment or software that offers your company the largest benefits can make a huge difference in how you achieve your daily tasks and communicate with colleagues, clients and customers.

Depending upon what type of business you have, there will be several options specific to your industry that you must focus on. However, one item that can benefit all types of businesses is a hosted PBX system. A VoIP service is an advanced telephone system that utilizes the Internet and the Cloud to improve communication and offer additional features not found in traditional business phone systems. The benefits that can be gained by using a virtual phone system are numerous.

An advanced system that is easy to learn

Often, an IT department or business manager will shy away from acquiring advanced phone systems because they fear that the rest of the staff will have difficulty learning how to use it. However, the truth is that even some of the most advanced hosted PBX systems are actually quite easy to learn, especially for those already familiar with using mobile devices, since the functionality is quite similar to many apps your employees are likely already using. Employees will find it easy to make, route and transfer calls, access their voicemail, send texts, and even share documents and files.

Easy to manage and maintain

Instead of having to deal with all sorts of telephone equipment that takes up space and require occasional maintenance and upgrading, a virtual system simply resides on your computer or on a server, which saves both space and expense. And when you want to upgrade to additional features, you simply log into your account or call your service provider, and it can be accomplished fairly quickly, perhaps even within minutes depending upon the features you are adding.

Easy to add or remove features

Traditional business phone systems come with a standard package of features, but you may not require all of them for your business, and there may be some missing that you would like. With a virtual phone system, you can easily add or remove the features you want or don't want, making it the best possible phone system for your business, and only paying for what you want and nothing else.

Keeps expenses down

As already mentioned, you will not be paying for any additional features that you don't really want or need, and you will not be paying for the equipment or the maintenance of that equipment. But what about the other savings that you don't really see, such as time that might normally have been wasted? Because a hosted PBX system improves communication greatly, productivity will remain consistent and flow smoothly, eliminating much of the downtime that is wasted when you only reach voicemails in empty offices. Additionally, international calling is also much cheaper, and the ability to integrate video and other systems with the virtual phone system also helps to decrease expenses overall.

You wouldn't normally think so, but a virtual phone system can eliminate many headaches that businesses and their employees face on a daily basis, improving workflow and helping teams to better work together and achieve their tasks. Do you have any experience working with a virtual phone system? How has it helped you? Feel free to share your experience and insights!


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