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Iterate Over Enumeration Values in C#

This is just a small method that allows iterating over enumeration values. I needed strong type and LINQ support for enumeration values, but the built-in method returns Array which is unusable. You have to convert each value to the enumeration type using Cast<T>.

The generator function is given as:

static class EnumEx
    public static IEnumerable<T> GetValues<T>()
        foreach (T value in Enum.GetValues(typeof(T)))
            yield return value;

You can use it in the following manner:

foreach (var value in EnumEx.GetValues<someEnum>())
    // ...

The official way to achieve the above functionality with built in stuff in .NET 4 is using the following not-so-short code:

foreach (var value in typeof(enumStructureParameters)
    // ...

Happy coding.



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