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iText 2.1.5

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iText 2.1.5

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Last year, some new developers joined the iText team. This resulted in a new release that may not differ much from the previous version if you look at the API, but users should notice that some iText functionality now needs less memory and less CPU. iText is having an internal makeover; class casts are replaced by methods returning the correct class, sequences of if-statements are being replaced by switches to improve readability, resources are being freed earlier in the process, and so on.

The mailing list activity has also increased, resulting in more bug reports. Almost all the bugs that have been reported in the last three months have been fixed in this release: small discrepancies in tables with footers have disappeared, a NullPointerException was thrown in some rare cases when adding JavaScript to a PDF file, removeField wasn't updating the tab order, and much more.

New functionality includes support for the JBIG2 image format, support for the HR tag in HTMLWorker, a method to add blank pages in PdfCopy, support for actions in FdfWriter, and other enhancements. Read more about all this in the changelog.

For those who want to know more about iText, Manning Publications Co. now offers a 40% reduction on the book "iText in Action". Read more about it on the 1T3XT site (the offer is valid till April 1).


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