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iText 5.1.1 — XML Worker 1.0.0

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iText 5.1.1 — XML Worker 1.0.0

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We're proud to announce a new iText® release and a new release of iText® XML Worker 1.0.0

iText 5.1.1

We're releasing iText 5.1.1 about one month after the 5.1.0 release because we've introduced some functionality that was needed in XML Worker 1.0.0: for instance the introduction of high level interfaces (Indentable, Spaceable) and the introduction of a WritableDirectElement class.
We've changed the logging that was introduced in 5.1.0 so that it works the same way other logging frameworks do. We've provided a simple System.out logger: SysoLogger.
We've also released some bug fixes to solve PDF reading and parsing problems, to solve problems with list symbols, to avoid ClassCastExceptions when reading/manipulating existing OCG layers.
Please be aware of two API changes: the setMoreInfo() method now expects a Map instead of a HashMap (this shouldn't cause any problems, but you'll need to recompile your code); the default for useAscender and useDescender in PdfPCell has changed to true (which may cause your tables to look slightly different).

XML Worker 1.0.0

XML Worker is no longer in beta!
This 1.0.0 release fixes plenty of table and list problems that were reported on our demo site.
The internal architecture was changed: we removed "tag listeners" in favor of "pipelines" that are chained together: parsing HTML, parsing CSS, creating PDF.
We've added LinkProvider and ImageProvider functionality (similar to what we had in the old iText HTMLWorker).
Finally, we've also fixed numerous bugs.

XML Worker 1.0.1

We're currently writing documentation for XML Worker. During this process we've found some minor bugs that are now fixed.

For more info please visit the changelogs on itextpdf.com.

We hope you'll enjoy the new functionality and we wish you a smooth upgrade.
best regards,
the iText team


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