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#ITMustChange2014 – Market Risk Role Java Job Question 2011

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This is one old Java question from 2011 that landed on my desk. Admittedly, at the time, I was really looking for permanent role, senior Java developer in investment banking in London. I had given up on searching for that perfect banking Scala programming role, I went back to job hunting on Java EE 6, Spring, whatever I could find and I sent my CV down for Java developer in Markets Risk at some big bank. The context here was I had to write a Java project before I could get a vital face-to-face interview. Here is the reveal:


Please see below test for Market Risk at INVESTMENT BANK in the CITY.

Imagine this is a tasks/features in your current job and do everything you would to make a real-world task complete (e.g. javadocs, etc.).

import java.util.Map;

 * Design a class to implement the StringUtil interface
public interface StringUtil {

         * sortChars - return a string containing all the characters of the input string, sorted in ascending order
        public String sort(String input);
         * reverse - return a string containing all the characters of the input string, in reverse order
        public String reverse(String input);
         * distribution - return characters found in the input string, along with a count of their occurrence in the string (order is unimportant)
        public Map<Character, Integer> getDistribution(String input);

         * distribution - sort the characters of the input string and return the first n
        public String getFirstNSortedChars(String input, int topN);
         * get characters in input string ordered by frequency of occurrence
        public String getUniqueCharsSortedByOccurrence(String input);

         * get the character(s) that occurs most frequently in the input string
        public String getMode(String input);


Unfortunately, I did not get very far in the process. It transpired that they were after experts in multi thread programming. I wondered then why did they not say so on the job specification or why the Java test did not reflect the true duties of the role?

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