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It's Not Dead - It's Stable!

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I am developing and maintaining a small collection of open source tools called Butterfly Components, on my website at http://butterfly.jenkov.com.

From time to time I get emails with questions like

"Is this project even being developed / supported / maintained anymore? "

I have a few questions in this regard to the Java and open source community:

Some of these components, for instance my DI Container, Butterfly Container, has pretty much all of the features I want to build into it, and everything any user has asked (almost). In other words, they are stable - not dead. 

Question 1: How do you signal to the audience, that this project is still being supported, but is stable and will most likely not have any new features added (or at least in a slower pace) ??

Question 2: Is it really so important to have a constant stream of updates coming out for the components we use? Will they go stale if we don't? I mean, java.lang.String isn't constantly updated, is it? Just a little here and there. Constat updates can also lead to bloat.

Somehow I split myself in this question. Sometimes it is nice with a stable product. Sometimes it is nice with a product that keeps up with the world. As long as it doesn't change faster than you can adapt to the changes...

What is your opinion? Must a component keep expanding to be "alive" ? Or does that just lead to bloat?


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