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It’s Time to Swap Your Outdated ERP Software to Cloud Based ERP

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It’s Time to Swap Your Outdated ERP Software to Cloud Based ERP

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates internal and external management information across the entire company.

Many companies tend to use outdated systems that are developed  build in house and are maintained by one or two staff. By using outdated system  to run their organisation and in this process they unknowingly lose their precious time and incur more cost to maintain the old system.

ERP Software

The aim of ERP is to not to create more work for team but to enable the  growth of the organisation. As the system monitors the performance of each and every employee. With Online ERP software, companies can build good relation with their customers as Managers can access real-time information for planning, sales activities and operations. Instant updates reduce support time to manage customers. It ensures delivery on time and smooth operations.

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The main purpose of use of ERP is to satisfy customers needs and demand, but if your old system is not serving well then it is time to change your system. ERP system enables the users to operate it from anywhere and anytime as it is cloud based.

The main factors evolved to shift to ERP -A cloud based software

1) Most of the ERP solutions are subscription based and are maintained by vendors thus making these software less costlier apart from this vendors are responsible for maintaining software and hardware and data backup. This help companies to curb their cost on IT support.

2) Operation & deployment of ERP solution is less time consuming as they  require basic configuration In cloud based ERP Despite the limits on configuration they are designed in such a way that companies can add functionalities easily at any point of time according to their business requirement. Infact the data is fully recoverable.

3) Companies who have multiple site operations can centralise there operations and thus can save on IT manpower and infrastructure. also it will help them to focus on their core business instead of managing day to day operations. ERP software helps you to manage leads, set reminders for follow-ups, generate quotations, order and sales invoices. It generate real-time MIS report to forecast sales and plan sales strategies. Dashboard snapshot provides you details of pending leads, real-time reports to increase revenue and improve customer relation.

4) The software not only increases the productivity but also open ups new avenues for the business house  with inventory and stock management feature companies can plan their stocks well in advance, as it allows companies to maintain correct levels of stock to ensure uninterrupted supplies as per need.

ERP software helps the manager and executives to take fast and accurate decision as software provides real time dashboard and reports. since it is accessible from anywhere and anytime  it increases the productivity of the employee. Vendors who maintain these software provides with automatic upgrades so thus companies save time & money on searching upgrades. ERP software not only help build plan for short term goals but can help companies prepare their long term goals.


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