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Java #1 Preferred Language

In contrast to what developers "love most."

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HackerRank analyzed data from more 3,000 coding interview tests taken on its platform to find which programming languages companies prioritize when hiring versus the languages coders prefer.

According to the data, a majority of businesses source for skill in Java above all, followed by other traditional languages like Python, C and C++.

This contrasts from the languages developers "love most", like Rust, Swift, and Scala.

The data shines light on a huge discrepancy between coders and the companies looking to hire them.

  • Despite the buzz in the developer community, newer languages haven’t broken into the corporate world as enterprise ar e slow to adopt new technologies and languages.
  • While developers like learning new languages, proficiency in Java is a surefire way to land a job

HackerRank also sliced the data by industry (gaming, FinTech, cybersecurity, healthcare, etc.), uncovering a number of surprising industry-specific take-aways, including that Java is generally the #1 preferred language for companies across all industries 

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