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Java 7 and Lucene Bug Saga Still Ongoing

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Java 7 and Lucene Bug Saga Still Ongoing

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Oracle released update for Java 7 yesterday but Uwe Schindler, who made some waves during the July release saying that people should not update to Java 7, is still not convinced that all the problems with the previous version have been fixed.  What he wants, is confirmation from Oracle:

I took some free time on the Lucene Eurocon Conference in Barcelona, downloaded the packages and installed them in parallel on my Windows 64bit Thinkpad. First I tried to run the Porter Stemmer test with 100 iterations on Java 7 GA, and verified that it crashed. Robert Muir joined and we tested the new U1 release: Test passes! This means, Hotspot issue  #7070134 was fixed, but Oracle missed to put it into the release notes...
It seemed to us that Oracle maybe fixed Java issues #7044738 and #7068051, but missed to put both of them into the release notes. Of course, without an additional statement from Oracle, we cannot be sure, that the issues are really fixed!  -- Uwe Schindler

So while there was a lot of developers here on JL and in other places who brushed aside Uwe's warning, I still am wondering whether anyone in our community can say that they've held off on Java 7 because of these Lucene-related bugs?  Have any Lucene application developers not updated?


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