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Java 8 Certification - Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-810) OCPJP 8 Upgrade Latest Exam

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Java 8 Certification - Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-810) OCPJP 8 Upgrade Latest Exam

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Exam Name: OCPJP 8 Upgrade Latest Exam

Certification Name: Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

Exam Code: 1Z1-810

Quick Overview of Java Programmer Certification from Oracle

If you are a new Java programmer and not very familiar with various Java certifications offered from Oracle, here is a handy certification path.

You start with

  1. Oracle Certified associate programmer, then go for
  2. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), remember you have to pass OCA exam before you go for OCP.

Both 1 and 2 tests core Java knowledge, and is recommended for every Java professional.  The upgrade path usually tests only Java version changes to become latest Java Programmer.

What are the topics covered in Java 8 upgrade exam?

The Java versions keep on changing every year and Oracle continues to add more certifications to cover new changes.

1. Lambda Expressions

You must understand and code Java inner classes such as: nested class, static class, local class and anonymous classes.

Java SE 8 added new package for functional interfaces, so you must have knowledge about functional interfaces to become qualified Java 8 Developer.

Lambda expression; refactor the code that use anonymous inner class to use Lambda expression; including type inference,target typing.

2. Using Built in Lambda Types

The java.util.function package offers interfaces required to develop lamda expressions. You should develop code that uses java.util.function interfaces such as Function, Consumer, Supplier, UnaryOperator and Predicate.

3. Filtering Collections with Lambdas

There are interesting filtering algorithms introduced in Java SE 8 such as method chaining and Stream interfaces and pipelines. You must have good knowledge in filter a collection using lambda expressions and streams. This topic also covers lazy lambda operations.

4. Collection Operations with Lambda

In the last chapter we discussed more about lambda filtering algorithms whereas in collection operations we should have knowledge in map, search data (findFirst, findAny, anyMatch, allMatch, noneMatch), calculations (count, max, min, average, sum), sorting and save results to a collection using Collector class.

5. Parallel Streams

The Streams chapter covers parallel streams, decomposition and reduction.

6. Lambda Cookbook

The Lambda Cookbook covers Java SE 8 collection improvements: Colleciton.removeIf, List.replaceAll, Map.computeIfAbsent/Present, Map.forEach, read files using lambda improvements: Files.find, lines(), walk(), use merge, flatMap methods on a collection and stream sources: Arrays.stream(), IntStream.range().

7. Method Enhancements

Java SE 8 introduced static methods to interfaces and default methods.

This chapter covers static methods to interfaces, default method of a interface and inheritance rules for a default method.

8. Use Java SE 8 Date/Time API

Create and manage date-based and time-based events; including combination of date and time into a single object using  LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, Instant, Period, Duration.

Work with dates and times across time-zones and manage changes resulting from daylight savings.

Define and create timestamps, periods and durations; apply formatting to local and zoned dates and times.

9. JavaScript on Java with Nashorn

Develop Javascript code that creates and uses Java members such as Java objects, methods, JavaBeans, Arrays, Collections, Interfaces.

Develop code that  Evaluates JavaScript in java, Passes Java object to Javascript, invokes Javascript function and call methods on javascript objects.

What are the books available for OCPJP 8 Upgrade exam?

There are no specific books available yet, however you can find Java SE 8 books to cover these topics.

Is there any mock exam available for OCPJP 8 Upgrade exam?

Yes, there are many interesting free exams available at ExamBoat. 

You can find the list below:

http://www.examboat.com/onlineexam/viewExam.html?t=2ku1BO+z+Sw=  (30 Questions)

http://www.examboat.com/onlineexam/viewExam.html?t=29JcVgzdV/Y=  (10 Questions)

http://www.examboat.com/onlineexam/viewExam.html?t=CJf183iyQ0E=  (10 Questions)

http://www.examboat.com/onlineexam/viewExam.html?t=aDUvXaeMi9Q=  (10 Questions)

http://www.examboat.com/onlineexam/viewExam.html?t=/kXErh5IJJw=   (18 Questions)

Any commercial mock exam simulators?

Yes, but still it is in beta. You can regularly check the full version status at http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification/oracle/ocpjp-8/mockexam-upgrade.html 

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