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With Java 7 almost out the door talk has now shifted to Java 8 and of course it's the perfect time for me to add my own $0.02 on my own wishlist.

Dunno what you can do here without annoying a few people. However I'd happily settle for some type of shorthand notation for getters and setters.

Operator overloading.
This one pops up at just about every Java release. Now it seems that there are plans in the works to add indexers to collections and such like. Quite frankly if you're gonna do that, why not add a full complement of fixed operator overloadings, maybe taking some ideas from how Groovy does it

Alternative deployment formats besides the JVM and a class path.
When you have to do one of those client Java applications that everyone claims nobody does, the Java deployment model really bites: Basically I want to create a fully contained application for a target platform. Now if all this contained application does at the end of the day is bootstrap a JVM together with a classpath who cares. It's also worth pointing out that this would allow Java applications to run quite easily on iOS, that is; if someone takes the time to do the port.

Parameter names in method calls.
Nice to have, but it would make DSLs in java nicer.

Finish Autoboxing.
I still can't do 1.toString().

Proxies on Abstract Classes.
Not sure about the technical constraints on this, but it would be great if you could also create proxies on abstract classes and not just on interfaces.

Make JavaFX useful.

Ok so JavaFX is not actually part of the JDK. Whatever the case, it's Oracle's chance to make client side Java really slick.

Well that's my list for now... 

From http://dotneverland.blogspot.com/2011/04/java-80-wishlist.html


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