Java Annotated Monthly: August 2018

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Java Annotated Monthly: August 2018

Want to learn more about the latest happenings in Java? Check out this post to learn more about the biggest news in Java, including releases, conferences, and more!

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July was a very quiet month, news-wise, so August is a leisurely perusal of the bits and bobs that are surfacing this summer.


Here is the usual mixed bag of Java-related news, tutorials, and interesting snippets.

Java Future

Java 11 is so close — we can almost smell it. They’ve already moved on to developing Java 12 —thanks to this faster release cadence.

Languages, Frameworks, and Libraries

Groovy and Gradle releases among other things.



There are no August events coming up, so, once again, here is a roundup of the autumn conferences that we have booths and speakers at:

And, Finally

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 was released!  This release contains loads of new features of course.  Keep an eye out, because, even now, we’re still releasing more screencasts and blog posts covering the major points.

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