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Java Antidecompiler for NetBeans IDE

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Bis Guard & Co provides  code protection tools for Java, among other languages and technologies.

Recently, Bis Guard has released the Java Antidecompiler plugin for NetBeans IDE.

Get started with it as described below.


1.  Download "1418138973_JavaAntidecompiler.zip" from this location:


Press the Download button on the page above:

2.  Unpack the downloaded ZIP file. You will have the following files:

  -  com-bisguard.nbm – NetBeans module (plugin)

  -  /example folder - java and php examples for SSA

  -  eula.txt + readme.txt + icon.png + icon.ico

3.  Run NetBeans IDE.


4.  In Plugins dialog, select the Downloaded tab and press "Add Plugins…":


5.  In File Chooser dialog, select "com-bisguard.nbm" from the folder where you extracted the ZIP file:


6.  In the Downloaded tab, select "JavaAntidecompiler" and press "Install":


Now restart NetBeans IDE.


1.  In the main NetBeans menu press File | Protect..., as shown below:


2.  Or right-click on any JAR file in your workspace that you want to protect:


3. The Java Antidecompiler will be started. After pressing the ‘…’ button you can select the JAR file you want to protect, either using Secure Server Authentication or not:


4.  In this screen, you provide the URL of your authentication page (php, jsp, asp.net, etc.):


5.  If you want to use SSA, leave this field empty and press "Yes" in the Confirmation dialog:


6.  For demo purpose we have a simple authentication page available. You write any symbols and your authentication request will be redirected to our site. See below:


7.  The last screen, in the Beta version, there's one additional option. After you press "Done" your JAR will be protected with the same name. The original (unprotected) JAR will be backupped.


8.  Start the protected JAR either by a double-click or from the command line.


9.  Our demo authentication page has three options:



c.  Serial No: Any other value


10.  Trial Serial No 9.a gives the response that tells the Secure Authentication add-on to call the trial entry in your Java app, where you can restrict functionality of you app, in trial version:


11.  Full (activated) Serial No. 9.b calls the main entry in your Java application and the user will have the full version:


12.  Activated (full) version:


13.  Any other Serial No. values:


14.  Show error message and JVM will stop:


15.  If your project uses another JAR, you can select JARs to be protected.

This screen follows after the Source screen:


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