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Java EE 6 Server Resin 4.0.12 - A Smoke Test

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Resin 4.0 is an opensource but commercially supported, fast and easy to install Java EE 6 (WebProfile) application server. Resin is actually older than Tomcat and well known for its performance and scalability. It is actually a good interview question to ask a seasoned Java developer: "What is Resin?" :-)
The test:

  1. Download size (resin-4.0.12.zip): 13.1 MB
  2. Installation = Unzip
  3. Disc size: 33,8 MB after installation
  4. Startup: java -jar lib/resin.jar start (and java -jar lib/resin.jar stop) Is extremely fast (~2 secs).
  5. Deployment: copy of the ServerSmokeTest.war into resin-4.0.12/webapps. App is available under: http://localhost:8080/ServerSmokeTest
  6. Full deployment of ServerSmokeTest took ~1-3 secs.
  7. ServerSmokeTest works without any modification on Glassfish v3, JBoss 6m5, SIwpas-1.0.0-CR4 and now resin-4.0.12.
  8. Tested were: Stereotypes (encapsulating @Named and @RequestScoped), @RequestScoped, @Named CDI-Beans, Injection of EJB 3.1 (no interface view), into CDI bean, @Singleton,@Stateless, CDI-events, POJO-injection, Interceptors
  9. Resin comes with a nice web admin UI, online (http://localhost:8080/resin-doc/), and PDF documentation
  10. Interesting: Resin comes with own Contexts and Dependency Injection implementation (CDI) - CanDI

Please keep in mind that the ServerSmokeTest is just a Smoke Test and not a TCK.
For more details see: http://caucho.com/resin-4.0/. Commercial 24x7 support seems to be available for resin-4.0.12 as well.
The overall impression - very good!


From http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/java_ee_6_server_resin

This article was NOT submitted by Adam Bien (me), rather than by a DZone Editor -> but thanks for doing that :-)

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