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The Java EE 7 Story Infographic + Poster

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The Java EE 7 Story Infographic + Poster

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Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of just how much work is put into a Java EE release and how many people are involved - even for folks like me that have been involved with the platform for a good number of years. The numbers are staggering and awe inspiring at the same time, particularly for Java EE 7. Java EE 7 had 4 new JSRs, 14 new or updated JSRs, 16 spec leads, 32 companies contributing and 187 expert group members involved (many of them independents like most of you). 19 Java user groups worldwide worked on one or more JSRs through the Adopt-a-JSR program. About 1,100 developers participated in the survey to finalize the contents of Java EE 7. From inception to final delivery EE 7 took 42 months - a long journey (the longest for any Java EE specification). In terms of the total number of changes, EE 7 is easily the most significant release of the platform to date. The goal was to produce a Java EE version that remains the core of modern day web and enterprise applications in a sea of changes in the ecosystem while simultaneously trying to make sure it is something developers are excited about and eager to learn/use.

The infographic below encapsulates the story of Java EE 7 (click here to download and view the actual PDF):


We actually have a few copies of the infographic printed as nice high quality 20 X 10 posters to give away to you (don't worry, there's enough for at least one per person that filled out the Java EE 7 survey :-)). It makes for a nice geeky conversation piece at the office (I have one that I am looking at right now in my home office). You can pick one up from me if you come to any of my talks, especially on the venerable NFJS tours. I am very proud to have recently joined the all-star NFJS cast of characters as a way to better engage with the US Java community. In fact my first stop is very local - NFJS NY this Friday and Saturday, with a full menu of Java EE topics. Hopefully I'll see you on the tour at some point?

It's fair to say Java EE 7 was more community driven than any other release of the platform ever. We hope to top that with Java EE 8, starting with the community survey that we just publishedthe results for - with your help and through excellent avenues like the JCP, java.net, the GlassFish code base, Java EE Blue Prints and Adopt-a-JSR not to mention the numerous events that our team attends Worldwide throughout the year.

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