Java EE 8 Survey: What Do You Need In a Java Enterprise Platform?

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Java EE 8 Survey: What Do You Need In a Java Enterprise Platform?

DZone and the Java EE Guardians are partnering to learn what enterprise Java developers the world over really want.

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Java has long been more responsive to community needs than any other industrial-strength language and platform. But recently many in the Java community have become worried that some JSRs are not moving fast enough to keep up with Java developers' changing requirements -- especially for APIs that specifically target enterprise applications.

Oracle has recently promised increased energy behind Java EE 8, albeit with an additional focus on cloud. But we'd like to get a better sense of what enterprise Java developers really value, so we can provide input on what will actually help us all make better software in Java.

So DZone is partnering with the Java EE Guardians to see what the developer community would like to see in the next version of Java EE.

Please consider doing your part to keep Java strong by donating a few minutes to complete this community-driven survey on Java EE 8.

Take the survey here.

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