Java EE Security Refcard is Now Available for Download

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Java EE Security Refcard is Now Available for Download

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Java EE Security refcard is available for download. This refcard covers Java EE 6 security and discuss how each application server supports the specs. The refcard covers authentication, authorization, and transport security in Web Application, EJB application and web services by introducing the concept and the related annotations and deployment descriptors which help us realize the concept.

GlassFish, Geronimo and JBoss are discussed in the refcard to show how we can use the vendor specific deployent descriptors for implementing the security design of our applications.

Following list shows how what are covered in this.

  • Security in Java EE applications
  • Authentication an Authorization in Java EE
  • Web Applications Security
    • Authentication and Authorization in Web Module
    • Enforcing Transport Security
    • Other Security Elements of Web application deployment descriptors
    • Using Annotations to enforce security in Web modules
    • Programmatic Security in Web Module
  • EJB Applications Security
    • EJB module deployment descriptors
    • Security Annotation of EJB modules in Java EE 6
    • Securing EJB Modules programmatically
  • Application Client Security
    • Security enforcement in Geronimo ACC
    • Security enforcement in JBoss ACC
  • Defining Security in Enterprise application level
  • Securing Web Services in Java EE
    • Web Services Security in Web Modules
    • Web Services Security in EJB Modules
    • Web Services Authentication in GlassFish
    • Web Services Authentication in Geronimo
    • Web Services Authentication in JBoss

The refcard comes with 4 figures showing relation between different element and components in Java EE  along with 7 tables explaning the deployment descriptors elements and security annotations. For most of the above headings you will find sample code included in the refcard showing how we can do implement the discussed functionality according to Java EE and mentioned application Servers.




From http://weblogs.java.net/blog/kalali/archive/2010/05/16/java-ee-security-refcard-available-download


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