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Java on Google's AppEngine?

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Java on Google's AppEngine?

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After last years rumours, hinting at Java coming to Google's AppEngine it's looking like we'll see this announced at the next Google I/O developer conference at the end of May. Om Malik has written about what this actually means for Java developers:

What does this mean? GAE currently is a Python-only app hosting environment and Java has been one of its most-requested features. Google’s support would help Java hosting get a mainstream push. Thus far most people have pushed PHP, Perl or Rails-related hosting services. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google uses a variant of its own Java VM, code-named Dalvik, which is currently being used in Android and Google Mobile OS. Dalvik is a non-Sun-licensed Java environment.

While I'm looking forward to seeing if this will happen, I'm not sure if it's that  relevant for Java developers. After all, we got quite excited about Google Android for a bit, but is it really being used much for development? Would you be excited by Java support in GAE?

Incidently, Google will also be speeding up the Python support in GAE. 

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