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Java Integration with OpenForum Wiki Framework 2.2

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Java Integration with OpenForum Wiki Framework 2.2

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I'm the developer of the OpenForum Wiki framework , a free, open source, self contained Wiki server that is 100% Java. It runs straight out of the box (zip file if you want to be accurate :-) )

I thought this project would be of particular interest to DZone JavaLobby members as it has a fast and efficient means of integrating existing Java code into a browser based application.

OpenForum Wiki pages

OpenForum Wiki has all the features you would expect from a Wiki:

  • Simple Wiki Syntax
  • Built-in search engine
  • Built-in Blogging
  • Page Tagging
  • Page Style Templates
  • Page Structure Templates
  • RSS Feeds

  • but as well as being able to store and manage knowledge via a web browser, OpenForum Wiki can have it's capabilities and behaviour extended via a web browser just as easily.

You can see some screen shots here

OpenForum Wiki can be extended and tailored using a combination of languages:

  • Javascript for simple scripting
  • Java POJOs for more advanced applications and back end integration.

You do not need to know or reference any complex interface definitions or framework rules, in OpenForum plain Java classes can be used as APIs and integrated using the built-in jar manager. You don't even have to leave your browser or restart the server for them to be available. The APIs can then be called by Javascript that is created in your browser without leaving the Wiki.There is a more in depth How To on OneStoneSoup.org .

OpenForum Wiki comes with support for accessing JDBC enabled RDBMS and integration with remote web services, which makes it a powerful application framework as well as a great Wiki.

I hope you will try the latest 2.2 release. It can be downloaded from the Google Code project space .

For the next month (Feb 2008) I will be offering free one-to-one web support for any DZone members wanting to install an OpenForum Wiki.

Oh and if you like it please buy a copy of the USB stick version . Well, a guy has got to make a living :-)

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Published at DZone with permission of Nik Cross. See the original article here.

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