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Java Interview Questions

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Yet another set of Java Interview Questions

Industry : Financial Sector [Banking]
Position : J2EE Developer
Type of Screening : Telephone
Date : 05/17/2013

  1. Can you please explain little bit about your technical background, skill set, years of experience in each technology, your current project, role and day to day activities
  2. Did you use any framework for AJAX?
  3. Can you explain how to make AJAX calls with jQuery?
  4. What data format have you used to exchange data between client and server while using jQuery?
  5. Explain a real-time scenario where you have used AJAX?
  6. What is your experience with Front-end Frameworks?
  7. How familiar are you with Spring MVC Framework?
  8. Can you explain your Web Architecture on how you are using Spring MVC and what are the different layers?
  9. Have you used any Transactions?
  10. What are Spring Transactions and how did you use them in your project?
  11. What is your experience with Hibernate ?
  12. If you were to integrate Hibernate into an existing project what are the high-level steps to do so?
  13. What other modules of Spring have you worked?
  14. When and Where did you used Spring Batch and Spring Integration Frameworks?
  15. Explain the module that used Spring Batch and how did you use it?
  16. What you ever configured Spring Batch for multi-threading?
  17. What is lazy loading and when you do used lazy loading in Hibernate?
  18. How do you enable lazy loading in Hibernate?
  19. Have you ever encountered LazyInitializationException ?
  20. What are the different ways to resolve LazyInitializationException in Hibernate?
  21. What is your experience with Application Servers?
  22. Do you know how to configure a DataSource in WebSphere or JBoss Application Server?
  23. What is your experience with SQL?
  24. Can you talk more about Spring Batch from a configuration perspective?
  25. Can you talk about Custom Column Mappers in Spring Batch
  26. Have you ever used Messaging in your application?
  27. Can you explain a module where you have used Messaging in your application?
  28. Are you more a front-end person or a back-end person?
  29. Do you have experience working with an off-shore team?
  30. What motivates you to work?
  31. How are Exceptions handled in your application?
  32. Have you used AOP?
  33. Have you used Web Services?
  34. What are some of the Design Patterns you have used recently?
  35. What your used any ESB [Enterprise Service Bus]?
  36. On Java side, did you used any API for JSON conversion?
  37. How did you integrate Jackson with Spring MVC?

Over all interviewer focused on the following topics -

Spring Framework

Spring MVC

Spring Batch


Answers to the questions are left as an exercise to the readers!


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