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Java logger tinylog 0.9 supports multiple logging writers

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Java logger tinylog 0.9 supports multiple logging writers

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The last beta version of the lightweight Java logger tinylog has been released. The new version 0.9 supports outputting log entries by multiple logging writers. For example, now it is possible to write all log entries to a log file and additionally to output all errors into the console. In previous versions only textual outputs of log entries were possible. This limitation doesn't exist anymore in tinylog 0.9. One new opportunity is to put log entries into databases.

Now, in order to decrease the use of resources, tinylog optionally buffers log entries and write them as one big record at once. This will reduce the I/O, but could have the disadvantage of lost log entries after a JVM crash. Particularly, the most important log entries right before the crash could be lost. Therefore, buffered writing must be activated in the configuration explicitly.

Especially for desktop applications, it is possible that multiple instances of the application are running at the same time. In tinylog 0.9, multiple instances can write parallel to the same log file without the risk of overwriting each other. Alternatively, the RollingFileWriter can be used to create an own log file for each instance by using the process ID.

In some cases, tinylog is already using the internal API for Java 5 - 7, if this is much faster or saves memory. tinylog checks which internal APIs are available at the startup. If none is available, tinylog will fallback to the standard public Java API. In the new version 0.9, tinylog is aware of new internal API of Java 8 as well and able to use it for improving performance.

tinylog 0.9 is Open Source and can be downloaded from http://www.tinylog.org/download.


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