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Java Quiz: Nested Classes

What happens when you try to compile and run the following program?

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What Happens When You Try to Compile and Run the Following Program?

class Outer {

    private int a = 12;
    private int b = 6;

    Outer() {

        NestedA nestedA = new NestedA(4);
        a = a -12;
    class NestedA {

        NestedA(int y){

            NestedB nestedB = new NestedB(y);
            nestedB.methodB(y, a);
            a= a + b - y;
        private void methodA(int z) {

        class NestedB {

            NestedB(int i) {
                a = a - i; b = b +i;
            private void methodB(int x, int z) {
                if(x < 5) {
                    a = a+x+b;
                b = b+z; 
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        NestedA nestedA = new Outer().new NestedA(2);

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