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Over the past 2 months, DZone HQ has facilitated a meeting of Java/Spring Framework developers.  The meetings are discussion-based and they generally originate from a problem, issue, or use case with the Spring framework.  This presentation and discussion is about Reducing XML problems when combining XML with Java; specifically with the Spring Framework. 

We video-recorded the most recent meeting which includes a presentation.  The reason we started recording these is so that you, the DZone readers from around the wrold, can listen in, follow along, and learn.  Additionally, you can provide feedback to the discussion in the comments and the members of the meeting will be able to read them. 

This is our first "recording" and we appreciate all feedback you may provide us both for the video production and the discussion as well.  To our North Carolina readers, feel free to join us next time!  A link to the meet up is below the video.


Doug Neumaun, Frank Schmager, Shaw Terwilliger, Harold Meder, Vikram Renganathan, Chelsea Sessoms, Jeff Carcillo

Meet up link: http://www.meetup.com/Spring-Framework-Java/

A link to our sponsor: AnswerHub

A special thanks to DZone member Chris Smith for helping me with the production and editing of this video!


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