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Java SwingBuilder 0.1 Final : Open Source Competition for JavaFX in Good Old Java

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Java SwingBuilder 0.1 Final : Open Source Competition for JavaFX in Good Old Java

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I am happy to announce the first stable release (0.1.FINAL) of the Java SwingBuilder, released under the business-friendly Apache 2.0 license:


Inspired by a myriad of open source libraries from all over (Groovy SwingBuilder, GTK+ libGlade, Ruby on Rails, Apache Wicket and a few more), its aim is to drastically reduce amount of hand-written code required to create complex UIs.

It's based around declaring the UI in a YAML file (the same format used by Ruby on Rails), which is much nicer than XML or JSON for hand-coded maintenance, including layout information, control creation, hooking up events to Java-side methods (no need to write event listeners or wait for closures), as well as support for data binding and integrated internationalization.

Visit our Wiki for a general overview of the concepts and functionality:

Basic Concepts

Why YAML? Why not JSON or XML?

Event Handling | Swing-specific

Data binding

Executing long running methods in the background with a simple annotation

Easy layout using MigLayout and our visual layout DSL (it's like Matisse for Notepad!)

Optional integration with SwingX and Jide Common Layer Swing components.

Visit our main site for more information:

and our Google Group for any help or comments (all of which are welcome, both good and bad):

P.S. We plan to tackle JavaFX head-on in a future release with a pure Java solution by adding desktop FX using a combination of JXLayer, JHLabs Filters and Timing Framework.

Gallery of sample screenshots:







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