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Java SwingBuilder 0.2 - solving all Swing pain points one at a time

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Java SwingBuilder 0.2 - solving all Swing pain points one at a time

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I am happy to announce version 0.2 of the Java SwingBuilder.


Very few major changes went into this release, which further indicates a stabilization of the code base. Most of the new features came directly from user requests and bug reports on our forums.

What is the Java SwingBuilder?

It's library to allow declarative UI building via a YAML file (instead of XML), dramatically reducing the amount of code a Swing developer needs.

We provide a solution for all the common Swing pain points:

a) verbosity
b) event listeners
c) layout management (using the almighty MigLayout)
d) data binding
e) support for long running tasks on background threads
f) easy internationalization

and many more. Please read the Wiki for docs and tutorials.

We appreciate feedback, so any comments (good and back) are welcome in our forum:

Here are some sample screenshots of complex GUIs built with the Java SwingBuilder:






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